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We strive to deliver that outstanding service, satisfaction and excellent performance across the Precision Garage Door franchise system. We value your business and the confidence you place in us. Most importantly, we value the comfort you receive in knowing that your garage door has been professionally repaired or installed to protect you and your family. Our privacy policy demonstrates our commitment to serve you with a meaningful and responsible business relationship. The personal information we collect from you on our website as well as in person shall remain confidential unless we are required to release the information by law or under circumstances when it is necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of our customers or franchisees.

Confidentiality Is Key

If you are interested in obtaining more information about franchise opportunities, we may collect your name and contact information, street address, phone number, and email address, information about your financial capability, type of ownership, and the ownership of your business entity. As a part of the franchise application process, a Confidential Questionnaire is required to be completed. The Confidential Questionnaire requires you to authorize Precision Holdings of Brevard, Inc. to obtain a standard factual data credit report and to use such report in connection with its evaluation of you as a potential Precision Garage Door Franchisee. Your signature on the Confidential Questionnaire authorizes the credit reporting agency to obtain information regarding employment, savings accounts, and outstanding credit accounts (mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, charge cards, credit unions, etc.). Authorization is further granted to the reporting agency to use a photo static reproduction of this authorization if necessary to obtain any information regarding the above mentioned information.

Transparency Is Our Policy

On our website, we collect information that you voluntarily provide to us in order for us to provide services and products and customer service. We may also use the personal information we collect for other business purposes such as to better understand customer needs. In addition, this allows us to enhance relationships and develop various statistical data and product use trends to assure we are providing the best available parts and service.

Please be assured that should we receive requests from third party suppliers, marketing entities, or agencies of any kind for your personal information, the only data that may be provided will be strictly of a statistical nature which does not reveal individual personal information.

In addition, please be aware that Precision Holdings of Brevard does not use cookies or other technologies to enhance your online experience. We process personal information on our servers which are located in the United States of America. None of our internet processing is serviced in any other countries.

You may decline to provide personal information to us that may hinder or cause certain features or services of the website not to function properly as a result. We make good faith efforts to provide you the access to your personal information upon request and to allow you to correct data if it is inaccurate or delete it, when reasonably possible.

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