Repair Warranty

We offer packages that ensure that you receive a lifetime warranty. However, if that package is not appropriate for your situation, then our technicians can best determine the warranty we can offer you. Your warranty will be discussed with you and will be listed on your invoice as a line item.

If you have any questions about how you can receive the best warranty possible just ask the technician about our Overhaul and Conversion packages, many of which provide you with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Warranty on Doors and Openers

Limited Lifetime Warranty

At Precision Garage Door, we provide the absolute best warranty in our industry. We warranty our products with a warranty that covers the parts AND the labor for life. And when you purchase a garage door, we even cover the garage door springs which are almost always excluded from any warranty. No warranty on your springs would be like buying a car with no warranty on the engine. We know that there are parts available that are designed and tested to last many times longer than what our competitors supply. We buy and install those parts because we feel that you should not have to settle for cheap builder grade parts that will put you in an endless cycle of repairs and replacement.

What does “Limited” mean?

Limited simply means that the warranty does not extend to a new homeowner. For as long as you own your home, your garage door and or your garage door opener are covered.

What is covered by the warranty?

On a Garage Door, our warranty covers the labor and any part that needs to be replaced or repaired. The parts that are covered by the warranty are the springs, drums, cables, end bearings, center bearing and all rollers. The parts used to install your garage door are the highest quality parts we can buy and we rarely have a failure but if we do, we take care of it. (On an overhaul or conversion, the parts covered are the parts replaced during the overhaul, which is typically all of the parts listed above)

On a Garage Door Opener, our warranty covers the labor and any part that needs to be replaced or repaired. The parts that are covered by the warranty are the entire power head and belt rail system that is mounted on the garage ceiling. The wall button, safety eyes or remotes are covered for one year because these items can be abused and wear out prematurely due to improper operation or accidents.

With both the door and the opener, in the first year you will not pay a service charge. After 1 Year we only charge $39.95 when we arrive at your home, a service charge that is discounted down from the typical $65.

Of course our warranty does not cover damage, abuse or premature failure caused by improper maintenance. Never try to repair the door or opener yourself. Always call us first!

** Please note: Your door and your automatic opener are two separate mechanisms. We may have installed your door, your opener or both. **

What should I expect if I have a warranty claim?

All of our phones are answered 24/7 by a live person. If you should have a problem, all you have to do is call. We will schedule an appointment to have a technician come to the home and fix the problem. In most cases, we will be able to respond the same day. If you have an emergency situation such as a car trapped in the garage, we have technicians on call that can be dispatched right away to take care of you.