Edward – Superhero Of The Day

A technician needs skill, training and determination. But that isn’t all a technician needs. A technician needs to be able to make a customer feel confident, safe and completely comfortable with him or her on site. Edward exceeds all expectations in these requirements! Not only is Edward skilled, but his demeanor and personality causes customers to call the office to ensure that management knows what an asset he is to the company. Meeting Edward is truly a pleasant experience!

When Edward isn’t at your home, wowing you with his abilities, he can be found singing. Have you see the video from our Christmas party? No? Here you go:


Edward is quite diverse in his hobbies. If you look, you might find him dancing, playing basketball or swimming in the pool. Edward likes to stay busy when he isn’t busy being a Superhero to homeowners all over the Richmond area.

When you call in for your tune up, Bionic Rebuild or Fortress of Solitude – feel free to ask for Edward!