Fighting Hunger


That is how many meals Precision Garage Door of Richmond contributed to FeedMore, the Central Virginia Food Bank in two months. September and October came in strong for this program.


That is how many times someone was able to fill their stomach and not go hungry.

Imagine the impact each meal donated has on a child. Imagine the impact each meal has on an elderly person struggling with a fixed income.

For many of us being hungry simply means that we open our refrigerator and grab a bit to eat. For others it means ordering a pizza. But for many it means something completely different. It means hoping that there is something left over from the meager meal you had the day before. It means hoping your children remember to eat everything on the tray at school. It means struggling to make that one can of beans last as long as possible.

One way to help fight hunger is through food banks and food pantries. FeedMore, the Food Bank for Central Virginia helps feed these families and it helps stock the food pantries that serve these families. Supporting the Food Bank is one of the best possible ways to help ensure that your neighbors don’t go hungry. We chose to take that knowledge and use it to support the local community.

 Precision donates 14 meals for each PDS 800 that is sold. With a passion for serving the local community, it was decided that feeding those in need is a top priority for us. What does it mean for us? It means we are contributing. It means we are providing for those around us. It means there are children who will have full bellies because we donated. It means our actions matter and have impact.

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