Everything New but the Track & Door Panels

• Bionic Single Garage Door Rebuild – $572.06

• Bionic Double Garage Door Rebuild – $630.41

Why do we call it the Bionic Garage Door Rebuild? Because everything that’s improved is below the surface. It might look the same, but your garage door system will have every moving part replaced with premium quality components. Your neighbors won’t see a difference. But you will… when your door becomes magically silent.

• Everlasting Nylon Rollers
• Never-Break Springs
• Silky-Smooth End & Center Bearings
• Aircraft-Grade Cables
• Service Call, Removal, Installation, Labor and Taxes
As-Long-As-You-Own-Your-Home Warranty

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In order to provide a garage door experience that is completely silent when operating, every moving part must be upgraded. Here’s what it looks like. Your Bionic Rebuild begins with the removal of the old components. The entire system is inspected and adjusted to ensure smooth operation within the existing track. Every screw, every bolt is checked and tightened for safety
and reliable performance.

Then the individual components are replaced. Starting with the rollers that connect the door panels to the track, continuing with the bearings that carry the loads within the system, the springs that balance the weight of the door, and finally the cables that connect the door to the springs. The Bionic Rebuild is a significant improvement compared to our $157.94 Quieting & Reconditioning package.

Bionic Upgrade from Outdated Equipment

When performing the Bionic Rebuild on extension springs or a torquemaster system, a more complicated upgrade process is required.

In these rare circumstances the cost is slightly higher. However, the result is the same: Silent Operation & Scott’s As-Long-As-You-Own-Your-Home Warranty.

Bionic Upgrade & Rebuild Single Door – $630.41
Bionic Upgrade & Rebuild Double Door – $687.72

Assessing the nature of your garage door system is relatively straightforward. Simply contact the SuperHeroes at Precision Garage Door for a service call. We stock all the parts necessary to perform your Bionic Garage Door Rebuild on our trucks at all times.

The only thing better than a Bionic Rebuild is our Fortress of Solitude Complete Garage Door System Replacement. This package includes new garage door panels, with the option of windows and high-grade insulation to keep you comfortable in the garage year-round.

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