Quieting & Reconditioning Package only $174.51

Improved Performance Anyone Can Afford

Choose this package for peace of mind any time of year. Your Precision Garage Door Technician inspects every aspect of your system before guaranteeing it for One Year of trouble-free operation.

  • Single or Double garage door systems
  • Installation of New Everlasting Nylon Rollers
  • Complete Garage Door Tune-Up, including…
    • Lubricate all moving parts, hinges, springs
    • Check each and every bolt
    • Double Check Opener, inside and out
    • Lubricate Chain or Screw-Drive
  • One Year Warranty
  • Includes service call and taxes
  • Save $179.33 over regular priced parts and service

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Looking for service with Scott’s As-Long-As-You-Own-Your-Home Warranty? Choose the Bionic Garage Door Rebuild!

Precision wants your garage door to be seen and not heard. While this package doesn’t make the biggest difference in noise-reduction, it is affordable enough for any homeowner looking for peace of mind.

Precision’s Everlasting Nylon Rollers are quieter than the metal wheels they replace, and stronger too! Over time the bolts and other hardware in your system can become loose, leading to noisy operation. Our Q&R service tightens everything up to new-installation specs.

Proper lubrication of mechanical components is essential to the safety and lifespan of your garage door system. As  the largest moving part in your home, your garage door deserves regularly scheduled maintenance.

Your Precision technician will open and inspect the motorized opener device to ensure safe and reliable operation. Often small problems can be found at this stage before they become larger ones.

Is your garage door starting to look its age? Precision’s Fortress of Solitude package includes complete replacement of the entire garage door assembly. Including new door panels, opener and all moving parts. Improve your home’s curb-appeal while making the whole system whisper-quiet.

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