Super High ROI!

Replacing your garage door is one of the best home improvements you can make.

The ROI (Return on investment) for garage door replacement runs, on average, around 88.5%. It’s like your garage door is paying you back!!


How is this possible?

Replacing your garage door does two very important things – let’s look at them one by one.


Curb Appeal

Most people will drive right by the home that screams “Fix Me” when looking for a new home. New homeowners typically like to focus on the interior of the home… where can the couch go, what color would look good in the kitchen. They do not want to think about why the exterior of the home looks like it needs some TLC. Replacing the garage door provides an enhancement that you simply cannot beat. The garage door is often a focal point on the front of the home. Make it as attractive as possible. There are a variety of styles to choose from – Traditional, Carriage and Contemporary. (Check out some of our favorites at

Energy Efficiency

Ensuring that you are purchasing a garage door that will help you keep your home better insulated is a factor as well. Making your home more energy efficient helps you lower bills – saving you money AND making your home more attractive to those searching for a new home.  (Learn more here:


What else can I do?

Do you have an automatic garage door opener? Is there an exterior keypad? These are all upgrades that can help you as you move towards selling your home.

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