Superhero Of The Day – Howard

I believe there is no original garage door that we can’t make better. 

That’s a confident statement! But that’s what this superhero is. He’s confident in the work he does with Precision Garage Door. Howard knows that when he walks into your garage, chances are – he can make your door better. So long as your panels are in good condition, we do our best to help you avoid replacing the whole door with expert garage door repair services… and if you want an ultra quiet and efficient system, we can replace the opener as well!

Howard joined Precision in 2018 and as you can see here… he went all out on the #Superhero training!


When Howard isn’t out there helping garage doors perform better, he enjoys woodworking, cooking and gardening. Perhaps some pictures of upcoming projects of his are on the horizon! Nothing better than seeing what a great #Superhero like Howard likes to do when he isn’t fixing garage doors… or installing a Beacon Of Light PDS 900.

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