Your Beacon Of Light

There is a new superhero in town! It’s called the PDS Ultra 900 and it has superpowers you will find hard to believe!

What superpowers does it have? Your PDS Ultra 900 has a “Beacon of Light” to illuminate your garage, the ability to communicate with the AI in your home, and a suit of armor to protect you from unnecessary costs in the future.

A Beacon of Light?  With a patent-pending design, your superhero opener will provide a 24 foot wide diameter of downward-dispersing LED light that brightly illuminates your garage. It is your own person Beacon of Light. What can be better than that? Well, not only is it bright…you have SIX brightness levels to choose from. Did you ever think your garage door opener would provide you with the equivalent of a dimmer switch?

Communicating with AI? Here’s how.. It has wi-fi built in, allowing you to control the doors and lights from your personal smart device, from anywhere! You can provide and revoke access to your friends, family and service workers. You can, quite simply, make your life just a little bit easier. The superpowers don’t stop there though. It is also compatible with the Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. Imagine walking out the door and calling out.. “Alexa, open the garage door”. That’s convenience, and that is, quite simply, SUPER.

The suit of armor that helps protect you and this superhero beacon of light? The As Long As You Own Your Home Warranty that comes with it. That’s superhero level protection!

Call us today at 804-495-8075. One of our amazing superheroes can come and install your PDS Ultra 900 today.