What Garage Door Materials Are Best for Each Climate

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It is always nice to have options when shopping, even with garage doors. But options can feel overwhelming at times if you aren’t an expert in what the difference between the options are, such as with garage door materials. So we figured we should put together a blog that fills in you in on how to pick the material for your new garage door based on where you live and safe you the time and stress of having to figure it out yourself.


Steel is a very popular material for garage doors, for its affordability and durability. It is a long lasting and weather resistant material which makes it a good choice for almost any climate, plus it can easily be customized with different paint colors, panel styles, and window designs. Steel is the strongest of the material options for garage doors and won’t warp, crack, or fall apart from weather. It also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and extra insulation can be added to keep your house at a comfortable temperature in every season.


Aluminum doors are light, which makes it easier for your garage door opener to lift, but they are more expensive than steel and are easier to dent. There is a big benefit to aluminum however, that makes it worth the extra cost. It doesn’t rust so it will last a long time and be able to withstand corrosive environments, like coastal climates, and offer better insulation than steel. Though it may be more expensive than steel at first, you might save money down the road with fewer maintenance costs.


Fiberglass garage doors are light, stylish, and known for having poor insulation. They are more often used for coastal locations and warmer climates because the material is resistant to salt-water corrosion and doesn’t respond well to colder temperatures. And because it is a light material, it doesn’t offer the best insulation so it won’t keep your house warm if the winters are cold. So if you live in a sunny place near the ocean, fiberglass is the perfect material for your new garage door. Keep in mind, though the material isn’t expensive and is low-maintenance, it may fade of yellow over time as it ages and from direct sunlight.


Wood garage doors are beautiful but known for being expensive and high-maintenance. First thing you should know is that wooden doors won’t last long in areas that get a lot of rain or with a lot of moisture in the air. The water will cause the wood to swell and rot, which will lead to many more problems down the road and cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, a wood garage door won’t love extreme heat either, so if you want your door to last in a hot climate, you’ll have to maintain it with oils to prevent it from drying out and splitting. There are

upsides to choosing wood however. The material is strong and durable and with regular maintenance like sanding and painting, it can last longer than most other materials.
We hope this quick overview of garage door materials brought you a step closer to choosing the right garage door for your home. But if you still have any more questions, don’t hesitate to call your local Precision Garage Door and an expert will fill you in on the best material for your region’s climate.

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