SPRING Into Action!

When the Spring season arrives our home project to do list tends to grow. One item that is often overlooked is the maintenance of your garage door.

Precision offers a Tune Up service that can help you stay on top of maintenance on your garage door. Your Precision technician will perform a 21 Point Safety Inspection of the garage door and opener. The 21 Point Safety Inspection includes an examination of door hardware items such as the rollers, springs, pulleys, cables and bearings. The technician also removes the cover from the opener motor and inspects the gear and sprocket to ensure that it has not suffered extreme wear and tear.

After a thorough inspection, our technician lubricates the moving parts on your door. The moving parts on your door require lubrication to work efficiently and effectively – similar to getting an oil change on your car!

When the technician is done, he will provide you with a summary of his findings. If the technician has any recommendations for your door or opener he will provide you with an estimate. That estimate gives you the opportunity to have it taken care of while he is on site.

At Precision Garage Door we believe that your garage door should work perfectly as long as you own your home. In order to make that happen, you need to maintain your door. Call Precision for your Tune Up today! 804-495-8075