Key Components of a Quiet Garage Door

Being the biggest machine in the house, the garage door is a heavy object that has to open and close all year long, sometimes multiple times a day. And because it is working so hard, it doesn’t always run quietly and smoothly. If that’s the case for your garage door, we have five tips that will help you to tune up your garage so that it runs quietly again.

  1. The first step is an easy one! Check out all the screws, nuts, and bolts of the garage door and make sure they are all tightened and lubricated. And if any of them refuse to cooperate and look worn down, it might be time to replace them.
  2. Check the condition of the rollers. Keep in mind that they should roll, not slide, when moving inside the track so keep an eye out for this. If they are worn or aren’t moving correctly, it might be time to replace them for new rollers. And this is a job that should be handled by a pro so call a garage company to take care of this for you!
  3. If the door isn’t running quietly, it could also be the hinges, which can be quite noisy if worn. Ask a garage door technician to check out for you and they can tell you if the hinge is too worn or just needs tightening or lubrication. Replacing the hinge is as simple as picking up a duplicate at a hardware store.
  4. The next thing to check is to see if the track needs to be greased or the garage door opener chain is loose. A loose chain makes a lot of noise and jerky movements. Make sure that the chain is tightened and you can lubricate it as well as the track. And if you have a belt drive opener instead, don’t add a lubricant to the rubber belt, just make sure it is taut.
  5. Our last tip is to insulate the garage door. Insulated garage doors are known to be much quieter than those without. The insulation helps reduce the vibration of the door itself, reduce noise from outside the door, and prevent the panels of the door from vibrating. Insulated doors tend to be heavier so they don’t vibrate as much as lighter doors and tend to be more tightly constructed. All of these benefits will make your garage door much quieter.

All of these tips will help to keep your garage door running as quietly as possible so give them a try before giving up and settling for a noisy door. And for any more questions, call the garage door experts any hour of the day at Precision Garage Door!